Cognitive Hypnotherapy and You

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help both adults and children, with a wide range of issues that can colour our lives black and interfere with our day to day, not to mention our long-term, well-being.

Most people are aware hypnotherapy can help with stopping smoking; losing weight; anxiety and phobias. But it can also have a dramatic effect on low self-confidence, performance nerves, eating disorders, addictions and depression. In fact, this is a technique which shown itself to be as flexible and varied as the needs of the people who take advantage of it.

I’m not a great believer in making all sorts of claims and promises – probably like you, I always think the proof of the pudding’s in the eating! The promise I do make though is that I bring years of experience and the best possible techniques, to help you make the changes you want and need to make with whatever your problem is.

The solution’s probably closer than you think.