My Services

None of us can afford to stand still in life, we should all be moving forward in one way or another and my treatment suggestions are firmly based on this way of thinking.

Everyone is completely individual, so each of my treatment plans is specifically tailored to meet your unique needs.

If you are interested in my executive coaching sessions then please get in touch for details.

Four Session Framework:

Session one lets us look at your problem and how you might feel if you were to reach a solution state. We consider the reasons you may be reacting in the way you are, at the same time, identifying limiting beliefs that are both cause and result of your emotions.

Session two is all about change work – re-shaping how you feel and planting useful suggestions on how to use this new way to be.

Session three is all about acknowledging what has gone well and what remains a challenge and developing strategies for dealing with this.

Session four is about supporting you into your new future through suggestion patterns or whatever else is required to help you self-sustain your way to your new future.

Progression Packages:

These are not only designed to sort out your immediate issues, but to continue with the techniques used, to take you in the career or personal direction in which you want to move. It goes without saying that you and your needs are unique, and every package is as individual as the person it’s shaped for.

Peace of mind? Piece of cake!