Christine Black: Anxiety Specialist and Suicide Prevention Coach

If you feel overwhelming feelings and you don’t know what they are and what you can do about them then I would like to meet you.  Feelings have a tendency to dictate how you behave and can dominate your thinking and ultimately affect the decisions and choices you make. In an attempt to manage these feelings you can start to do things that make you feel better in the short term however ultimately results in your going deeper and deeper into the problem.

Emotional pain can be a mystery and the longer it goes on the tendency is for it to get worse rather than better if the correct approach is not taken.  It can seem difficult to work out what to do and you can sometimes rely on medication to stop the painful feelings.

The effects of this emotional pain can result in indulging in things to make you feel better.  Things like drinking too much, smoking, drugs, over/under eating as well as relying on prescribed medication to maintain the status quo.  You can then begin to notice the effects of this behaviour, for example, being overweight, not being able to get to work on time due to having a hangover.  The focus then becomes these issues rather than the underlying emotion.

If there is something that is causing us emotional pain then we can start avoiding situations that create the feelings inside us.  Again this is all short term relief quickly followed by the realisation that things are not the way you want them to be and a sense of hopelessness as to what to do to change things can set in.

When things get overwhelming the feelings can intensify making everything seem hopeless and undoubtedly a visit to the doctor is certainly recommended.  However if you find that thoughts of suicide creep in then it is essential to do something about that.  To help with suicidal thoughts it is essential to deal with the emotional pain underlying the thoughts.  I can help with that as well as your doctor.

My job would be to help you change your feelings, increase your capacity to deal with the feelings and lead you towards moving on from this situation with the focus being on your safety and change work.

I provide group training for suicide alertness and intervention as well as training for therapists on recovery and growth work.  I also see clients on an individual basis to create lasting change through using a variety of techniques to create change in the shortest period of time and underpinning this with a focus on safety and increasing self reliance.

Feelings can be overwhelming so whatever your situation is I would like to help to take the mystery and power away from the feelings and quite literally bring them down to size to allow you to live the life you want.

I have a wide variety of tools at my disposal and your unique experiences will dictate which ones are used.  What I can tell you is that you don’t need to be putting up with life the way it is.

Training, qualifications & experience

I have been helping people feel better about themselves for a long time! I qualified as a sick children’s nurse in 1983 and general nurse in 1985. I am a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Thought Field Therapist.  I am constantly learning new ways to help change happen and happen fast.  I have a particular interest in suicide prevention and am a safeTALK and ASIST trainer as well as a trainer for therapists on suicide2hope recovery and growth work.  I see clients on a one to one basis to help them through periods of overwhelm with or without suicidal thoughts.

Listen to an interview with me

I was recently interviewed by Howard Cooper at Rapid Change Matters.
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Online sessions

If you would like some tips on how to keep calm during the Coronavirus outbreak, please book an online or phone-based session.Online sessions can make a significant difference to your situation without needing to leave your office or home.  For a safe, effective and informal approach please contact me to see what we can do to create the change you want to achieve.